Edit Routers

Heading to the Edit Router page allows you to make changes to the configuration of the selected router. You will be able to view panels corresponding to various components of a Turing Router.

Once you are done editing the configuration of your router, click on Next to proceed to the following step:

Version Comparison

Clicking on next brings you to a version comparison page which shows the differences in the current router configuration as well as your proposed changes:

If you are content with the proposed changes and wish to proceed, there are 2 options available:

  • Save your proposed changes

  • Deploy your proposed changes

Saving your router simply creates a new router version without deploying the new configuration. Your existing router version remains active. You can visit the History tab to find the new router version that you have saved. Note that this new router version will be in a Not Deployed state.

Deploying a router will create a new router version and deploy the new version immediately. If the deployment is successful, instances of the router with the current version will be taken down and be replaced by the new version.

If you wish to make any additional changes instead, click on the Previous button. You will be returned to the previous page where you can continue making changes.

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