Creating a Router

A Router in the Turing system represents an ML experiment and holds the configuration for the traffic routing, pre/post-processors, incorporating the response from the Experiment engine and logging. It is built on our Fiber traffic routing library written in Golang, and sources its configuration when it starts up.

Setting Up An Experiment

In Turing, your will need to create a router with an optional Experiment Engine, Pre-processor (Enricher) and Post-processor (Ensembler) configured based on your requirements. After configuring and deploying the router, you will receive a URL to which you are able to send your experimentation requests.

  • Open the Turing homepage.

  • Choose a project in which you want to create your router. If such a project does not exist, you can create a project

  • Choose “Create Router”.

Configure router

Now that we have navigated to the create a router page, we can continue to configure the router.

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