Viewing Segments

Once the segment has been created, you will be able to view the segment's configuration on the landing page.

  1. Click on the row that contains the segment.


The Configuration tab displays the selected segment's details. These values are configured from creating or editing a segment. The segment can be deleted from this page as well, which will also remove all of its historical versions.

  1. Activity: Activity details of segment.

  2. Segment: Different segmenter settings of the Segment.


The UI supports searching by segment name.

In the search panel, enter the segment name to filter by.


When a segment is modified (edited / activated / deactivated) its existing configurations are saved as a historical version. All versions can be viewed from the History tab of the Segment Detail view.

The versions are ordered in the descending order of creation (the most recent version appearing on top). The Created and Updated dates of the version symbolize the duration that the configuration was applied in the segment. Selecting a row opens the details of the version.

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