Onboarding Process

For access to XP, users can self-onboard via the MLP UI.

  1. Enter a name for the Randomization Key and select the Segmenters.

    • The order of the segmenters determines the priority of the segmenters when optional segmenters are used. For example, if the chosen segmenters are s2_ids, and days_of_week (in that order) and a given request matches 2 experiments - one where the s2_ids is optional and another one where the days_of_week is optional, the s2_ids experiment (where there is an exact match of the s2_ids) will be chosen. For more information and examples, please refer to the Experiment Hierarchy section in the Introduction page.

    • Where the segmenter may be computed from several different (groups of) variables at runtime, also select the desired variable mapping. For example, s2_ids may be supplied as s2_id or computed from latitude,longitude. This must be specified in the settings.

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