Modifying Experiments

In the Experiment Details Page, click 'Edit Experiment'.

In the Edit Experiment Page, you can edit the experiment's configuration. All fields except Name and Experiment Type are allowed to be modified.

Enabling / Disabling Experiments

This impacts the status field in the experiment. Experiments are only considered to be running when the following conditions are met:

  • Current time falls within the experiment start and end times

  • Experiment status is 'active'

Experiments can be created in the 'active' state and disabled later on, or vice versa, which can help instantly modify its behavior.

Experiment History

When an experiment is edited, the existing details in the experiment prior to the edit would be saved as a historical version and can be viewed from the History tab in the Experiment Details view. Note that status changes via the Activate / Deactivate action would still create a historical version but would not increment the version number.

Deleting Experiments

Experiments in XP cannot be deleted - users can simply disable experiments to prevent them from being run.

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