Deploy PyFunc Model

Try out the notebooks below to learn how to deploy PyFunc Models to Merlin.

Note on compatibility: The Pyfunc servers are compatible with protobuf>=3.12.0,<5.0.0. Users whose models have a strong dependency on Protobuf 3.x.x are advised to pin the library version in their conda environment, when submitting the model version. If using Protobuf 3.x.x, users can do one of the following:

  • Use protobuf>=3.20.0 - these versions support simplified class definitions and this is the recommended approach.

  • If you must use protobuf>=3.12.0,<3.20.0, other packages used in the Pyfunc server need to be downgraded as well. Please pin the following in your model’s conda environment:

  - pip:
      - protobuf==3.15.6 # Example older protobuf version
      - caraml-upi-protos<=0.3.6
      - grpcio<1.49.0
      - grpcio-reflection<1.49.0
      - grpcio-health-checking<1.49.0

Deploy PyFunc Model

Deploy PyFunc Model with Custom Prometheus Metrics

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