Creating Treatments

From the Experiments List page, click on 'Treatments'.

Treatments can be created from the treatments landing page. Created treatments can be used as a template, to initialise one or more treatments in an experiment (See Creating Experiments - Configure Experiment's Treatments for more information).

0. Create Treatment

a. Click on the "Create Treatment" button on the landing page.

1. Configure Treatment's General Settings

a. In the Create Treatment's general settings page, you may either input the fields from scratch or choose to select a pre-configured Treatment template where upon selection, would fill up the respective fields of the form. Subsequently, you may continue editing the fields if necessary.

  1. Name: Name of treatment.

  2. Status: Active or inactive treatment. Treatment status can be toggled later. (You may refer to #Enabling/Disabling section in Viewing Treatments document for more information.)

  3. Configuration: Configuration of treatment. This needs to be a valid JSON string.

b. Click "Save" to create the treatment.

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