Configure logging

This step is optional and the default behaviour is not to log any request-response pair.

Turing currently supports logging request-treatment-response data to BigQuery and Kafka.


Configure the BigQuery destination. There are 2 required inputs.

BigQuery Table: Specify the name of the BigQuery Table in the format of project_name.dataset.table. If the table does not exist, it will be created automatically at the deployment.

Service Account: Choose a service account from the ones provided that has both JobUser and DataEditor privileges and write access to the configured BigQuery dataset.


Select Kafka as the Results Logging Destination and configure the required values.

Brokers: A comma-separated list of one or more Kafka brokers

Topic: A valid Kafka topic name on the server. The data will be written to this topic.

Serialization Format: The message serialization format to be used. This can be JSON or Protobuf. When Protobuf serialization is used, the message published to the topic is of type TuringResultLogMessage and the message key is of type TuringResultLogKey. When JSON serialization is used, the TuringResultLogMessage's JSON representation is published to the topic. The protocol buffers can be found here.

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